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SIMO has revolutionized mobile data access through a virtual, multi-carrier network built in the cloud, so you can have fast, uninterrupted internet access anywhere, anytime.

International coverage in 135+ destinations

SIMO offers worldwide seamless connection in 135+ destinations. 
See our coverage list or world map below.


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Affordable Data Plans


With our patented SignalScan™, you get the best possible local 4G and 5G coverage whenever there is a network tower nearby, no matter which of our mobile operator partners.

Scan Network

Check the best available mobile network around you.

Speed Test

Run speed test to measure network performance.

Switch Network

Switch your device to the next available network.
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SIMO offers seamless connection across multiple operators in your country.
Please note that the coverage search is still in the Beta version. Enter a precise address for the most accurate results or refer to our coverage list

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