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Introducing Solis Hotspots

solis-5g-front-device-incLTD (1).png
5G & 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot
Included Power bank
Connect up to 16 devices
Size 138 x 83 x 17.1 mm
SignalScan™ enabled
Patented vSIM Technology
Ruggedized Design

Solis 5G

solis-lite-front-device-incLTD (1).png

Solis Lite

4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot
Included Power bank
Connect up to 10 devices
Diameter: 88mm x 23mm
SignalScan™ enabled
Patented vSIM Technology
Compatible with Solis VPN

Handy, practical and with a sleek design!

"Works great. I use this as a primary source of Internet as I live in a rural area. I initially purchased per gigabyte and it was expensive so I switched to the unlimited plan. I work from home and it does what is needed. I was skeptical at first but it works very well."


Always stay connected

"I absolutely love this product! It is a must have whether you are traveling or even working from home. Recently my home internet has been going in an out so it has been great to have this Solis x as a backup so my family and I can stay connected. Especially since you are able to connect multiple devices to the internet!"


See what Solis users are saying

Grab a Solis Wi-Fi Hotspot

Buy a Solis Global Hotspot so you can have secure mobile Wi-Fi wherever you go.

Download Solis Wi-Fi App

Access services, manage hotspot accounts, and check data usage status through Solis Wi-Fi App.

Choose Your Wi-Fi Plan

Choose from flexible Wi-Fi options that fit your needs.

Enjoy Wi-Fi Anywhere

Enjoy fast data and connect up to 10 gadgets at once, all across 135+ countries.

How Solis Works

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