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A Solis hotspot is your ultimate connectivity companion. Personal 4G LTE WiFi that travels from the house to the back yard to a vacation home for connectivity anywhere, anytime.

The Ultimate WiFi Hotspot

WiFi Anywhere
Works in over 135+ countries
Secure, Fast Data
Encrypted network, 4G LTE speeds, now with VPN
WiFi by the Day, Month or GB. No contracts
Flexible WiFi plans
Easy and transparent
No SIMs, simple design, patented vSIM technology
Share on 10 devices
Connect your laptop, phone, tablet, or share with others

Grab a Solis WiFi Hotspot

Buy or rent a Solis Global Hotspot so you can have secure mobile WiFi wherever you go.

Download Solis WiFi App

Access services, manage hotspot accounts, and check data usage status through Solis WiFi App.

Choose Your WiFi Plan

Choose from flexible WiFi options that's right for your needs.

Enjoy WiFi Anywhere

Enjoy fast data and connect up to 10 gadgets at once, all across 135+ countries.

How Solis Works

Introducing Solis Lite

Solis Lite

4G LTE WiFi Hotspot
Included Power bank
Connect up to 10 devices
Size 3.5" x .9"
SignalScan™ enabled
Patented vSIM Technology
Compatible with Solis VPN

See what Solis users are saying

Handy, practical and with a sleek design!

"Works great. I use this as a primary source of Internet as I live in a rural area. I initially purchased per gigabyte and it was expensive so I switched to the unlimited plan. I work from home and it does what is needed. I was skeptical at first but it works very well."


Always stay connected

"I absolutely love this product! It is a must have whether you are traveling or even working from home. Recently my home internet has been going in an out so it has been great to have this Solis x as a backup so my family and I can stay connected. Especially since you are able to connect multiple devices to the internet!"


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