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The SIMO Inside program leverages SIMO's patented connectivity technology to provide on-demand, always-available local connectivity with the strongest signal for devices such as tablets, laptops, hotspots, smart routers, autos, wearables, and IoT devices.

Why partner with SIMO?



Unleash your devices’ connectivity experience by integrating SIMO technology, and earn recurring revenue from data services.

Best data connectivity quality

SIMO keeps you connected on a local level by eliminating intermediate gateways, providing lower latency in 135+ countries and offering your customers the best mobile Internet experience.
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Easy integration

SIMO replaces the complex integration of hundreds of mobile networks while providing a simple, uniform user experience and dramatically reducing your time-to-market when launching your device in multiple markets.

Software-only solution

SIMO does not require extra hardware in your devices. It is a pure software solution that relies on existing GSMA standards.

Key Features

Reliable signal

When connecting to the network, SIMO always select the best signal among all available carriers.

No physical SIM

With SIMO, there is no longer a need to acquire a physical SIM Card to connect your device to a network. SIMO automatically starts and connects to the best network available in the location of your device.
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How it works

With our SIMO Inside program, you can bundle data services with your devices and earn revenue stream on connectivity.
Whether it is a tablet, laptop, smartphone, car, or an emerging IoT device, we will help you to:
Integrate our technology in your device working with your ODM and chipset partner
Develop the connectivity experience on your device including user interface
Manage conversion, retention, and monetization of your worldwide subscriber base

SIMO Module Devices


Our M.2 global module is ideal for laptop or IoT devices serving high speed mobile Internet requirements with a stronger uplink channel for unified communication or file transfer to the cloud and overall stronger performances on 4G around the world.


We are here to help you get connected! Ask about SIMO products, pricing, partners, or anything else. 

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