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Apr 8, 2024

Is airport Wi-Fi safe to use? How to keep your information safe while traveling. (USA Today)

“It can be a little dangerous using public Wi-Fi, but I would say it’s doable if you use the right best practices,” Eric Plam, CEO at SIMO, a mobile hotspot company, told USA TODAY.

Mar 14, 2024

You’ll Get Wi-Fi Almost Anywhere With This Portable 5G Hotspot (Forbes)

As a golf writer primarily, I’m frequently out on the golf course testing out equipment. Many of the courses I go to are out in the sticks somewhere, with limited cell reception. And my particular phone network is not great in remote areas. But I just discovered a new solution, to help me stay in touch.

Mar 4, 2024

Ludovic Lassauce, CPO, SIMO selected as one of the 'Top 10 Chief Product Officers in Singapore - 2024' (#CEOInsightsAsia)

Ludovic Lassauce, the CPO at SIMO, a Silicon Valley-based company with a global presence, leads the charge in pioneering virtual SIM technology.

Feb 28, 2024


Late each February in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, manufacturers from across the globe gather to show off their best upcoming mobile products at Mobile World Congress. This year we had boots on the ground, exploring the show floor to discover the most promising phones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile accessories expected to hit shelves in the coming year.

Feb 22, 2024

SIMO Unveils the Solis Tag to Provide Seamless Internet Access for Mobile Devices (Press Release)

SIMO, a leading innovator in mobile connectivity solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest product, Solis Tag. Solis Tag is a compact 4G LTE USB adapter designed to provide seamless internet access to iPads, Microsoft Surface, laptops, and select Android tablets in areas without Wi-Fi coverage

Feb 20, 2024

Acer, MediaTek, and SIMO Collaborate on Always Connected Laptop: The Acer TravelMate P4 14 (Press Release)

Acer, a global leader in technology, has collaborated with MediaTek, a leading semiconductor company, and SIMO, a pioneer in mobile connectivity solutions, to introduce the new Acer TravelMate P4 141 (TMP414-53-G2/TMP414-53-G2-TCO), an Always Connected PC (ACPC) with vSIM technology built-in, designed for international travelers, remote workers, and business professionals that are always on the move.

Feb 9, 2024

5 Essential Accessories Every Digital Nomad Should Have (Slash Gear)

A nomad is someone who is known to wander. They strive for a life of travel and tend not to stay in one place very long. Being a digital nomad is a dream come true for many people who seek adventure but also want to make a stable living while working remotely. To do this, though, several accessories may be needed to help make the lifestyle a bit easier for you.

Feb 9, 2024

Best Cities To Live In Wyoming (2024 Guide)(Supermoney)

Wyoming, the “Equality State,” is celebrated for its stunning landscapes and tranquil lifestyle. This article explores the unique aspects of Cheyenne, Jackson, and Laramie. Eric Plam, leader in the tech industry at SIMO, provides valuable insights into the factors that shape remote work experiences
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