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SIMO offers access to more than 200 mobile operators with uninterrupted fast mobile Internet access anywhere, anytime by automatically switching to the best available local network.

Choose your devices

Choose a device from SIMO today to access mobile internet without the need of a SIM Card.
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Choose your plans

Pick the data plan that works best for you — by the hour, by the GB or by the month! No contracts, switch data plan anytime.
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Connect and enjoy

Enjoy fast internet connectivity anytime, anywhere with SIMO devices and services!

Start with SIMO today

Affordable Data Plans


No contract, on-demand data access that’s flexible for your everyday needs. Learn more about our deals for:

Get online on any device


SIMO is software-only and not a physical SIM card, so all your smart devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and cars can connect to internet anytime, anywhere at your fingertips. No more trips to a carrier's storefront.

Finds you the fastest network


SIMO automatically scans for nearby signals from multiple mobile networks so you can always have the fastest connectivity.
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